Sunday, October 7, 2012

SDAIE Assessment

For the lesson I am designing the students will be required to represent their understanding of slope in various ways.  To set up the assessment, students will be given the definition of slope, examples and equations of it.  After taking notes the students will need to be able to write out their own understanding of slope.  They must describe it in their own words, create examples on a graph, and identify it in an equation.  This application of knowledge is at the advanced level with regards to applying "knowledge of language to achieve comprehension of...content areas." (ELD Standards, Reading Comprehension - Cluster 3)  The student will also be working towards structuring "ideas and arguments in a given context by giving supporting and relevant examples."  (ELD Standards, Writing Strategies and Applications - Cluster 2)  The definition will not need to be a formal one, but rather a description to express their own understanding.  The graphical example and equation will allow me to see if students are making the connections of slopes in the various forms they may encounter it.

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